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Liquid Damages Service

Our lives these days are very demanding and busy let alone stressful and rushing around can sometimes cause accidents with your devices.

At Croydon Computer Medic, I can bring them back to life.

Whether it’s a Macbook Pro Macbook Air, or Windows laptop I can bring it back to life. So hold off buying a new laptop just yet; as for almost half the price of a new laptop, I can clean it and bring it back to life fully.

I guess you're here reading this on my Croydon Computer Medic’s website as the kids or yourself have had an accident and a serious one and spilt liquid all over your laptop, you just want to throttle that person. You are in tears as well, “Don’t Panic” you’re in safe hands.

In most cases, liquid-damaged laptops “if there got to in enough time” of it happening, they can be saved, although there is a small percentage that may just give up altogether.

Simply book it with me here at “Croydon Computer Medic” right away who can repair your device(s) with one of our friendly engineers.

Whether it’s Tea, Coffee, Water, Orange Juice, Red Wine, Blackcurrant, Lemon Tea, Guinness, or Orange Squash, "yes" these are just a few that I have had to deal with over the years.

By bringing it to “Croydon Computer Medic” you're taking that all-important 1st step to getting it recovered and repaired and with your data still intact 99% of the time.

Do bear in mind that liquid damage can cause severe if not irreparable damage and I try my absolute best; there are always a few that won’t pass the grade. I also inform you along the way, on progress texts to you.

Liquid damage repairs can take up to a week to fully repair, and in some cases can take longer so I always offer a 1 month period to repair, even though it can take a week or two at the most. Parts are often replaced and need to be sourced from abroad, so I "Offer" 1 month.

I test everything to make sure all the components are working after the clean-up has been carried out.

I just ask for your patience in this matter. 

Over the last 12 months, I have worked on approximately 40+ laptops mainly Apple Macbooks and some Windows laptops.

Apple Genius support does not extend to accidental liquid damage, therefore if you're out of warranty, expect it to cost upwards of over £450+ or more or they say it is a write-off.

Simply leave your damaged laptop with me, and I could have it ready and back to you as if nothing ever happened.

In some cases it’s worth remembering that depending on the severity of liquid damage, you might end up losing your data etc, this can’t be helped, I will advise you on this when the repair has started.

For pricing, It is hard to give a quote as each laptop with liquid damage comes with its complications but expect anything between £150-300 approximately. However, more later versions and M1 chip processors can be higher.

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Overseas Trips

I can if you wish, travel overseas at short notice.

I would need accommodation, expenses, flights and food etc, finalised before leaving the UK too your country.

A contract of agreement will be required and have the terms and conditions within it set out to know of my duties, and time away from the UK.

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Ipad, Tablets, Iphones

We currently do not repair screens for iPhones, Tablets, iPads, PS3, or PS4s, however, We do repair the software and can do backups and problem-solve the above devices.

I am always looking for. a suitable professional engineer who can repair the above devices, should you be that person, get in touch with me.

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Device MOT Check

If you own a computer, laptop, MacBook or other device that I can repair, it is worth noting that it can be worth your time and money to have it serviced often.

Just like a car has a regular MOT service, so do your devices.

This is to keep it at its optimum level of performance otherwise it can build up redundant files, unessential programs, shortcuts, dead links and Microsoft updates left behind, which can get clogged with dust inside your machine.

Over time this degrades your equipment and reduces efficiency and will then need replacing costing more to you, bring it to me and I can solve those issues.

I will give it a good service inside and out, clean the fans and other components, clean up your software, make sure there updated all of them, and carry out any updates to Windows as necessary including a BIOS update if required.

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General Data Recovery

In Data talk language, Recovery is the most expensive part of any repair process.

I can extract data from your damaged computer hard drives, SSD, Memory Cards, and other external hard drives at a cost.

I have 2 contacts within this industry, and they work with me to guarantee to get your data off safely.

Prices can vary depending on the timeframe and scale of the work to be extracted.

Prices can start from £150 and can run up to £1000+ depending on the size of the drive. Our minimum rate is £150.

(There is no guarantee that all data is recoverable).

In most cases, I can do it myself here in my home workshop, but if it’s not possible to carry out a full repair of your drive myself, I can on your behalf send it to a specialist laboratory data removal company who expertly and professionally deals with this on a day to day basis.

Data recovery services require a specialist laboratory to repair drives, not just in a house or in a shop, this needs to be a vacuum-free environment and static-free and with the right equipment that is even used by the Home Office, Police, MI5, and Governments.

One can not do sophisticated repairs unless you have the above environments to work with and the right equipment and software.

I arrange everything from a free courier via DHL from Croydon Computer Medic and then back once your data has been extracted.

I can also advise you on protecting your data in the future. I can recover emails, address books, Word documents, Excel documents, pictures, videos, music, and other useful information.

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Bespoke Service

I can tailor your device whether. itis a PC, Macbook, or Windows laptop.

I start by copying all relevant files to back up, and save for later, then take screenshots of the programs you have installed and then use this later to reinstall them, **You may need to further update and add emails & passwords to complete this process.

If like me and everyone else your device is setup the way you like it, but don't want to do a backup as your afraid it might import the problems into the backup and then using that backup to restore will take you right back to square one again with the same problem.

Whether you have files and documents images on your desktop, I can certainly in most case replicate this. It can take time to do this, especially if your having a new hard drive installed and Windows has to be installed on it starting in theory from scratch.

This is not a problem my unique service can take care of this, perhaps you have videos or music placed in different directories no problem, my service will replicate this.

All updates and software are configured just as if there wasn’t anything wrong with your device in the beginning, I will then finish up by transferring your data back ready for you to collect, before I do give it back to you I give it a rigorous check to make sure everything works.

This service can cost around £150 as it can take up to 2 days fully to carry out.

In my experience, it is always safer to have an engineer on-site to set up and configure your new equipment, a lot of our support call-outs are related to badly installed equipment or children downloading games and content without parents knowing which can result in security breaches or implications in your pc or laptop or macbook.

I will also advise you on how to best look after and clean your equipment to give it a good and longer life expectancy.

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Screen Repairs

If you own a laptop or macbook and the screen does not come on, or you have cracked it

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