Liquid Damaged Laptops

Our lives these days are very demanding and busy let alone stressful and rushing around can sometimes cause accidents with your devices.

At Croydon Computer Medic, I can bring them back to life. Whether it’s a Macbook or Windows laptop I can possibly bring it back to life. So hold off buying a new laptop just yet; as for almost half the price of a new laptop, I can possibly clean it and bring it back to life fully.

I guess your here reading this on my Croydon Computer Medic’s website as the kids or yourself have had an accident and a serious one and spilt liquid all over your laptop, you just want to throttle that person. You are in tears as well, “Don’t Panic” you’re in safe hands.

In most cases, liquid damaged laptops “if there got to in enough time” of it happening, they can be saved, although there is a small percentage that may just give up altogether.

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Simply book it in to me here at “Croydon Computer Medic” right away who can repair your device(s) with one of my friendly engineers.

Whether it’s Tea, Coffee, Water, Orange Juice, Red Wine, Blackcurrant, Lemon Tea, Guinness, or Orange Squash, "yes" these are just a few that I have had to deal over the years.

By bringing it to “Croydon Computer Medic” your taking that all important 1st step to getting it recovered and repaired and with your data still intact 99% of the time.

Do bear in mind that liquid damage can cause severe if not irreparable damage and I try my absolute best; there are always a few that won’t pass the grade. I also inform you along the way, on progress texts to you.

Liquid damage repairs can take up to a week to fully repair, and in some cases can take longer so I always offer a 1 month period to repair, even though it can take a week or two at the most. Parts are often replaced and need to be sourced from abroad, so I "Offer" a 1 month period.

I test everything to make sure all the components are working after the clean up has been carried out.

I just ask for your patience in this matter. 

Over the last 12 months, I have worked on approximately 40+ laptops mainly Apple Macbook’s and some Windows laptops.

Apple Genius support do not extend to accidental liquid damage, therefore if your out of warranty, expect it to cost upwards of over £450+ or more or they say it is a write off.

Simply leave your damaged laptop with me, I could have it ready and back to you as if nothing ever happened.

In some cases it’s worth remembering that depending on the severity of liquid damage, you might end up losing your data etc, this can’t be helped, I will advise you on this when the repair has started.

For pricing, It is hard to give a quote as each laptop with liquid damage comes with it's complications but expect anything between £150-300 approximately. However more later versions and M1 chip processors can be higher.

Liquid Spilt On Macbook
Picture of Liquid Damage MacBook