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"This is my gallery that shows off some of the work i do, this is updated often so please come back often to view."

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Pictures are now up-to date for now, more to follow as and when I can get round to it, simply call me now on 0797 096 5662 and book yours in now. Thank you and please come back. apple imac bought in for a complete overhaul of hard drive that has sadly become faulty, new drive to fit operating system and software restore and tweak up for the client. Overview of laptop now working with new screen fitted. Apple Macbook with a damaged screen - awaiting parts and will update here once complete. lenovo laptop bought in with cracked screen, simple fix for me as ordered parts in and now ready for collection. hp laptop having been bought in this week and repaired. lenovo laptop having been put back together after trying to diagnose faulty power supply which i could not find and repair sadly, it does happen i don’t know all the answers as to many machines to work with, but when i do fix i really do fix. inside view of a laptop being solved with a power fault, sadly not repaired as could not find problem. hp laptop bought in this week with screen damage however now fixed. Gentlemen came to me with laptop screen cracked and here you see it repaired. Gentlemen came to me to repair his damaged cracked screen as seen here. Next picture shows it completed and repaired. hp laptop recently repaired as lady came to me with a cracked screen and malware and spyware on it. Lady came to me with damaged screen as seen here in process of being repaired. Fujitsu laptop being overhauled and cleaned up. acer laptop i bought for spares and repairs now got it all working ready to sell on. contact me if your in need of a 2nd hand laptop. + 3 months warranty. Macbook Pro screen having been replaced with new one. Macbook Pro having operating system re-installed due to problem with current layout and setup. Macbook operating system being installed on another clients laptop as was damaged. lenovo laptop running windows had some issues but once with it was back up and running again nicely. inside view of another macbook this week. Bad thermal compound that was used here in this picture and when it is like this the chances are it will give you problems or overheating issues. pc that came in not to long ago. cmy data removal service in operation, took some time but was able to extract data off drive safely with only 2% data loss due to corrupt drive in the1st place. Bad thermal compound that was used here in this picture and when it is like this the chances are it will give you problems or overheating issues. Laptop bought and sold by me. Repaired it with new screen and keyboard hard drive and memory. lenovo laptop recently in for repair. inside view of a more modern late version macbook. Apple Macbook that came in for repair. High Spec Gaming pc that came in with father and son, had to reinstall everything all over and make it work again. A apple Mac PC that came to me sadly i was unable to repair it but still a good chance to take a photo of some history. view of the cctv 16 cameras i had installed on display here. recent pictures of cctv installation carried out in a off license i installed for 16 hd cameras to be exact took a long time to install due to traffic in and out of shop. Macbook Pro laptop with very bad damage beyond repair. inside view of a apple macbook pro, slightly a old version though. typical view of software used in my collection to identify bad viruses and malware and spyware. same picture as previously however managed to clean it up a little and install os x again and make it work, client did buy a identical one again. Samsung laptop given to me to sell by a friend, still for sale if anyone interested.reinstalled windows and software etc ready to go. View of Macbook that came to me with extensive damage, had to give bad news to client that it was beyond economical cost repair, so persuaded to buy a newer one on eBay instead of same spec. PC being cleaned up inside that came in not so long ago, and fully cleaned of dust and debris etc. view of a laptop i briefly cleaned up. Inside view of a Asus laptop while fixing i did a cleanup in the process of the fans and internal components. client came to me with Macbook Pro and had a virus on it as seen briefly in photo, successfully repaired back to glory. Another Macbook Pro that came in with software issues and repaired. client came to me with a few problems on her Macbook Pro software issues but thankfully repaired. client came to me with a few problems on her laptop came to right person to mend and fix it up again. client came to me with a damaged laptop and very slow, so recommended she go and buy a new one and write her old one off, she did that and came back the same day with a brand new one seen here, just had to transfer her files and data over so just took a few hours in all. toshiba laptop same as before about a month go, sadly client keeps watching content that keeps throwing up spyware. So they cam back to me a few days ago and have collected it back now. Bunch of laptops saved over the last year now ready for stripping down and breaking and cataloging for sale individually, this task should take around 6 months to do on and off.  dell inspiron having major cleanup as not been used in some time but did have malware and spyware on it. Now it is working and much faster. iMac data files being transferred over from a backup i did manually to save clients precious data. here’s a question for you did you think you can get a virus and it can wipe your imac completely??? Answer YES even i was shocked when a iMac came to me last week with that very problem heres the proof of it. same as picture previously but now its complete with data, programs etc, now fully furnished and working. another iMac bought in for repair sadly all data was lost  so had to do full restore and install OS X back again. iMac bought in for repair, now you know whats inside your mac. stripping down a laptop to replace parts this picture shows the keyboard coming out slowly as there was water damage inside. toshiba satellite laptop with errors, and speed issues as well as virus on the drive. dell laptop with a faulty screen parts ordered and await it now for repair. 2 mini laptops bought in for parts repair, keyboard faulty on one on left and right side is the screen damaged. lenovo in for a minor repair toshiba satellite faulty screen so running a few diagnostics first to see if it is the screen or something else. good story here, client came with badly damaged laptop not good for repair, she went out the same day from my workshop came back with a brand spanking new hp touchscreen from a pc store somewhere, so i had to set it up for her, and install programs, and transfer data to this one, rather nice it was as i was the 1st to touch it... MacBook pro in for maintenance by another client. MacBook pro having a bad day, in this case all photos had been deleted by the user so had to use my brains and skill set to restore them back from various devices, managed to obtain 98% of pictures, so next time folks remember to back up often. iMac that came in for a complete clean up service. Macbook Pro bought in for repair apple MacBook pro came in yesterday same issues as previous MacBook pro, just a good cleanup and rewrite the os x again as structure was unsafe to use and would crash often, not any more may i add, all working fine now. stickers taken off and new feet put on, and now looking good as new. apple iMac that came in 2 days ago also for a cleanup, upgraded os x, apps updated and file structure repaired and sorted. apple MacBook pro keyboard coming out and with over 80+ screws its very time consuming. apple MacBook pro that came in 3 days ago - water damage on keyboard and not working, sadly this was the end of the machine as to much damage was done. another damaged view of the apple mac as previously shown. well this old fashioned style apple mac came to me from last year sadly beyond repair, the data was safely removed and transferred back to the client onto a external hard drive. apple iPad bought in just a few days ago, problems with the apple logo appearing, however after about 3 hrs work it was all up and running and better. apple iMac now fully on and all data being transferred back onto the machine from a time machine backup i created as sadly the client never did a time machine backup. apple iMac now fully restored and put together working better than the time it bought in to me. another view of the apple iMac speaker section and part of the logic board. apple iMac bought in for a service and cleanup. view of the sony vaio as seen previously. lenovo laptop again fully dis-assembled for inspection. lenovo laptop that came in last year sadly with a lot of damage and after searching for parts to repair it was not feasible to do this repair, as hinges, screws, screen and laptop housing was all damaged. view of the pc now fully cleaned inside and all wires tidied up. this is the general dust, fluff, and god knows what that came from this pc at the time. this is what happens if you don’t have your pc maintained at least 2 times a year, this one in particular actually kept showing the blue screen of death and shutting down, check the next few pictures of what it looked after i cleaned it. view of a screen whereby i was sorting spyware and malware from a pc that came last month. acer laptop bought 2nd hand recently and bought new screen and upgraded operating system, now with a good home. sony view of Imac that came in a few days ago for repair notice how it came in Polish language, but not a problem for me i was able to sort the problem of loading up and taking to boot, as well as cleaning the file system up, getting rid of viruses...YES i said heard me right, but once done it was all okay and working correctly as it should for this age 2009 iMac running 4gb on a 3.2ghz processor. view of acer travelmate laptop that came in shortly, had some issues that i managed to restore back, and repair. view of laptop starting to take it apart section by section. view of laptop from inside when i worked on it recently. packard bell having been fixed and repaired with new windows 7 system, and was sent on its way back to the owner. view of laptop inside, this is a daily job for me so am well knowledge and experienced, infant this very laptop was bought in by someone recommending me from PC WORLD as they could not fix the fault, yet i did complete the problems. Macbook Pro being worked on. inside at the back of a apple notebook. view of a iMac undergoing some tests to the system and performing hard drive. view of iMac from inside being cleaned. view of iMac that came in for repair recently to have memory upgraded and a general clean of the system. view of iPad now working and looking good as new and shiny with its new screen. view of a iPad 2 screen after it has been fixed by myself. view of a dell pc that was donated to me and repaired and upgraded and sold to a family on low income. view of screenshot about hp becoming to hot so shuts down, turned out to be a battery that was dead and needed replacing and the fans were cleaned up also. view of scanning software in use malwarebytes is freely available on google,and is very good at detecting viruses or malware. view of a hp laptop bought in for repair too. view of same advent as before yet this had the damaged screen and power port problem, both were fixed. view of a advent laptop that was donated to me but subsequently repaired at my cost and sold on for a small profit. view of a iMac that came in a while ago for repair to the hard drive that had to be changed from a normal hdd to ssd drive. iPad 2 bought to me for repair to the screen. hp laptop bought in with serious issues about not starting up so had to literally dismantle everything and fix and put back again. another view of a pc bought in for a cleanup service, for £35 you to can have this service carried out by a professional experienced person. view of a damaged vga card being pulled out and replaced wth a newer one later on. new heatsink thermal compound been put on a motherboard. view of a pc being repaired and added some new cables inside. view of friends Zoostorm pc that was just messed up by them trying to add extra drives it was just a mess inside altogether, but a few days later it was good as new. view of a pc motherboard asus to be exact with heatsink and processor issues. view of a lenovo laptop having being repaired to windows 10 but came with faults so had to repair. view of my older iMac by apple, features 12GB Ram, 1TB Drive, CD/DVD drive, 3.2ghz dual core processor and all software installed, for sale at £350 for more info please get in touch with me. Comes with usb keyboard and mouse. view of a asus laptop having been repaired and cleaned of viruses, and malware and spyware, its all thankfully in working great condition. view of a acer mini laptop having been bought fixed and sold on by myself. apple notebook that came in for some tender love and healing with croydon computer medic. another view of the pc with dust built up and being cleaned. same as picture before yet this is where the fan seated on the processor, if your pc looks like this you’d be better dropping it to me before its to late and goes bang on you. view of a pc fan that came in due to overheating issues, this was the main cause of it, to much dust etc. view of iMac having files transferred and saved externally using my data removal service. data removal in process, this took around 3 days to complete on a 500gb hard drive, but client was very happy as it never started up for them. acer aspire i purchased and i gave it a full cleanup, now its in my arsenal of tools to take with me on jobs out and about great laptop and quick. same as original picture of iMac notebook but you can clearly see the damaged crack to the screen. old iMac notebook came in for screen repair a while back. old iMac notebook came in for screen repair a while back. making way to add some new memory to a pc view of a pc that had problems and the customer couldn’t even get to use it as was so slow and riddled with spyware/malware/and viruses. Dropped it to me and was ready for collection the next day, Sunday. view of laptop that came in over weekend with lots of viruses on and spyware. easy job to do within a few hours work. view of lenovo laptop being upgraded and cleaned bought in to me last week. view of inside a pc i’m currently working on to rebuild and put back together again and add more ram to system as well as install windows 7 and software upgrades. view of a pc i’m working on and when parts arrive i will hopefully be able to play tapes in the pc, hopefully when the part arrive USA that is.. view of an Advent bought in on Friday for repair to the software as was not loading up, i successful completed this and has gone back to client. view of a imac just bought in for similar heat problems, i will of course post pictures later of this one also being took apart and repaired. view of a ipad screen now repaired and handed back to the client, please get in touch if yours is damaged. view of a samsung laptop again this time being upgrade with all the latest drivers for motherboard to ensure reliability and efficiency. view of a samsung laptop again this time being upgrade with all the latest drivers for motherboard to ensure reliability and efficiency. view of a samsung laptop again this time being upgrade with all the latest drivers for motherboard to ensure reliability and efficiency. view of a hp laptop being upgraded currently to Windows 10, why not bring in your laptop and see if its compatible for the upgrade.. no your eyes are not playing up the screen in this iMac is fine, it's my arm in the way lol, this had come in for repair as power supply had become faulty and not powering up, but since i buy new power supply unit and fitted it, it was just a case of testing it out. view of a toshiba laptop being cleaned up due to PuP software being installed in background without there knowledge. hp intel Celeron laptop that came in to my workshop for major to the screen and software, as you can see its in progress at the time this picture was taken. view of a pc having been finished and worked on, no job to big or small for me, just get in touch with me about your problem(s) now. (excuse the picture funny) terrible photo at the time i know but this indicates the work i did on a pc that had multiple viruses and this was merely a cleanup of the system to remove them. (excuse the picture funny) the quality came out funny, anyway this Samsung Laptop had to be re-installed with Windows 7 and totally overhauled. view of a apple imac being cleaned and taken apart, also the hard drive was upgraded to 1TB to add more space capacity. view of a pc that came in and i actually used parts of this one to create a super machine for my client. as you will see later in my pictures. apple mac desktop came in for repair as you can see this is the first stage to seeing inside the unit. acer laptop bought in a month ago for repair due to the fact it had spyware and become quite slow to operate. hp laptop that came in for repair, due to nature and problems it was beyond economic repair so client gave to me, after several months this was repaired to my expense and sold on and is now being enjoyed by my client. view of a laptop being stripped down and put back together with Thermal Paste being added as was worn out previously. view of a dirty laptop fan inside that was causing heat and noise inside the laptop. another view of a pc having been repaired and cleaned. pc having just been cleaned of dust a lot and polished up it is now looking brand new indeed. pc came to me last week, in-fact it was full of malware and it really become very slow and unresponsive, so next time you have this problem call me and i can even log in remotely through my service to save you a trip to me. acer laptop being cleaned up and worked on. here you can see multiple files in a data removal job recently and took many hours and days intact to do, The drive being copied was over 1TB in size. view of an apple imac having some work done to her, as was overheating and become very hot to touch. view of a pc being worked on. view of a Macbook Pro from inside not much to see especially water damage but trust me its finished from here until new motherboard goes in. view of a Macbook Pro from inside not much to see especially water damage but trust me its finished from here until new motherboard goes in. view of a Macbook pro bought in due to water damage - still awaiting clients decision on new motherboard, and i am waiting for the funds to purchase this, will update when complete. running a scan using Anti Malware popular free software, took several hours and has to be the most to record to register over 1980 PuP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) &2 Viruses. If you have a virus or system is slow be quick and get in touch i offer only for £30 to clear all after a few hours of cleaning up your system. view of a dell laptop screen being repaired and tested with a new one. surface pro view of notebook complete and ready to go back to client. new surface bought into my workshop for repair - keyboard was faulty and a simple fix got it working again for a regular client who comes back to me each time theres a problem. acer laptop identical to mine bought in to me recently with funny enough same problems i had with mine but sorted out, sadly the vga was faulty but client didnt want to spend anymore money on this so it was scrap in the end. view of a motherboard purchased 2nd hand and to be installed into clients pc. view of windows 8 currently being installed and updated to a clients notebook. view of windows 7 data transfer in process. SOLD OUT NOW - 3 Laptops for sale prices starting from £100 - £250 for great quality ones, enquire within please or text/email me for more info. view of windows 8 being installed onto a corrupted drive that has been repaired. dell Inspiron 1545 recently worked on - installed windows 7 and antivirus for client as well as repairing the screen hinges as were loose, also fixed the memory slot/holder as was damaged by client. recent view of my workshop from 1 angle showing iMac repaired and working nicely. view of a iMac having Mac OX installed and configured ready. view of a typical installation in process of the iMac OS System. view of a laptop acer being stripped down for re-cleaning and soldering of new dc power port. view of a pc having some fresh memory upgraded. dell Inspiron brought to me riddled with spyware, malware, and viruses, finished in just a few hours of cleaning and scanning. acer laptop undergoing a make over with new windows 7 installed. clients laptop recently cleaned up and installed with new office software, sorted out files and programs to make the laptop run more efficiently and make more reliable. toshiba satellite laptop bought to me recently with some known spyware on it and my job was to completely remove all of it. toshiba satellite being cleaned of nasty virus and malware ready for the client to receive back. dell laptop having windows 7 installed recently. a laptop given to me for repair and to keep, spent some money on new screen and sold on to a client, i also have other laptops for sale at good prices if you are interested get in touch. iMac bought recently and cleaned inside and put new hard drive of great capacity 1TB and installed Yosemite, and now running super fast. view of a pc that was cleaned just recently from dust and fibre’s. i also upgrade laptop hard drives which include saving files 1st and then installing new operating systems and files back on. view of the inside of bottom of a iMac running the Yosemite System installed, this was cleaned and blown with compressed air to clear dust that had built up. After a careful scan a few weeks ago i was surprised to see that my biggest catch of viruses, malware, and PuP was in-fact over 3688, all safely removed and back up to speed of course. call now if you want me to check yours also. iMac bought and repaired, simply upgraded hard drive as old one was very small, cleaned the fans, speakers, and dusted and blew out the accumulated dust that had built up installed Yosemite also..want yours done then get in touch i can do for a great fee for you. like the other photo before this is the view of damage caused by liquid spillage, and one point of advice if you have spilt something on your laptop always turn it upside down facing to avoid further electrical damage and leave it to me to take apart and clean and dry all the components. if you happen to have an accident and spill liquids or food over your laptop don’t worry half of the time i can repair, although costly i can in most cases strip the laptop down and clean it with chemicals as seen in this picture of when it was spilt. another laptop bought in with spyware and viruses installed and took over 6 hours of full scanning to get rid of all of them. this week a acer laptop bought into me for repair due to virus and spyware/malware installed on it. this week a acer laptop bought into me for repair due to virus and spyware/malware installed on it. view of a laptop that i have recently bought and spent money on to do it up as the screen was faulty and so replaced with hd screen and the vga card inside was faulty bought from china of all places and it works nicely now with 2, 500gb drives 4gb ram and intel core duo processor so very fast. view of a software package in operation picking up on spyware/malware in process. this is the view of potential viruses on a given laptop and can happen to anyone. better to bring to me for removal before it does more damage. does your laptop or pc look somewhat like this and you don’t know how it got their don’t worry its not the end of the road for you simply drop to me and i can usually fix within a few hours for you back to glory again. view of the front of a pc i had worked on as clogged up with dust a lot and as you can see its now shining as new. top notch hp pavilion 2 TB pc bought in recently however after much testing and diagnostics carried out there was fault to the motherboard. laptop bought in for an upgrade to windows 8. toshiba satellite laptop bought to me recently with some known spyware on it and my job was to completely remove all of it. view of a acer pc recently overhauled and reinstalled with windows 7 and antivirus ready. overhaul of a clients pc that was completely over run with viruses, spyware, malware and other horrible shortcuts, all bought back to client house and setup ready to go again. Hard drive data being taken off a clients pc as pc fried and suspected motherboard problem. Client rang me recently and told me she had someone else come and see if they could fix her wireless problems with 2 laptops and a pc to connect to a wireless printer, but they failed, after missing out a vital point to do, however she call me i go and just under 2 hours had it up and running again no trouble at all. POINT IS, don’t rely on other companies first come to me and i will solve your problem 1st. 1 laptop out of 2 given to me to retrieve data and reinstall Windows 7 and try to salvage a working machine for client as emigrating so no longer needing laptop, However i successfully managed to repair and he was happy to take away rather than throw it in the bin. does your windows directory downloads look like this, well if it is the chances are you got spyware, malware and stuff loads of trouble on your pc or laptop, book it in with me right now to avoid more costly repairs later. (Data Protection Act reason details have been erased from view) my client came to me with a serious data problem, and had 1 Terabyte external hard drive of school data,however all school work was on this and i had to spend 4 days solid extracting each file and folder to see where the problem lied. It has since been repaired and sent back to the client onto a new 1 Terabyte hard drive, unfortunately the old 1 Terabyte drive is damaged so no longer being used.Its a time-consuming job but if you have similar problem give me a shout as i have loads of patience. This was also a iMac Drive. another laptop bought to me for repair - however the screen has gone and broke and also the power button is faulty and needs to be replaced, this will be done shortly. yesterday's client had to fix the internal fan on motherboard as noisy and put back together again and test it out fully. view of a laptop undergoing tests on memory, hard drives etc to ensure everything is running smoothly. view of a dell vostro pc being completely overhauled by a business client of mine - had issues with operating system, spyware, malware etc yet again and again, i fixed it professionally. view of a motherboard recently sold on eBay to a overseas client. an old IBM Thinkpad laptop undergoing repair, screen is faulty and the inverter has been changed to make the laptop screen work, unfortunately the screen itself was faulty and client doesn’t want to go ahead with repair so have left it with me to dispose of for recycling on. view of a pc recently cleaned up as overheating and shutting down, since cleaning it up there hasn't been any faults with it at all. clients laptop recently cleaned up and installed with new office software, sorted out files and programs to make the laptop run more efficiently and make more reliable. view of a remote login in process am currently dealing with a malware, spyware and virus attack from croydon book yours in now for a cleanup. view of an inside laptop hard drive being repaired - bring your to me as there is always a cheaper alternative to repair and i am much cheaper than my competitors. view of sony Vaio that i went to fix for a client of mine who had been referred to me - installed antivirus and Microsoft office for her, also cleaned up files and temp files and cache memory. view of inside of a sata hard drive in case you never knew, this one is damaged but I am in the process of swapping the disc to a new hard drive and hoping it will work as a last resort only. collection of used/damaged laptops, if you require parts call or email me your make/model & part required and I will see if I have it, or if not I could purchase for you! sony Vaio bought in - due to spyware, malware, adware accidentally installed and it literally took over the laptop... dell latitude - what exactly can I do here....well its life has ended that's for sure, please look after your laptop as if not they end up like this, unfortunately this is being broken down for spares. (before pictures) dell Inspiron - picture with the laptop repaired partially and with it switched on after leaving it to dry out under heat for 24 hours at around 50 degree's. (before pictures) dell Inspiron - had orange juice accidentally dropped over keyboard, came in to me for a total cleanup of motherboard, ribbons, hard drive, cd rom memory, luckily it worked after this so if you have a accident and spill liquid, don’t throw it away, bring it to me it will cost you alot less than a new laptop. And I had to buy new keyboard + fit it, also did a cleanup of system files and malware. sony Vaio laptop keyboard faulty - new one purchased from eBay and fitted within a few days. same pc as before however the fans should not look like this - if your brave enough to look inside and its bad like this or more then you need to bring it to me for a valet service. went to see a client recently and carried out a full clean of his pc as full of dust....alot was built up, please see the next picture of the fans clogged up causing the pc to crash as overheating al the time. pc bought to me as client repaired himself yet blew the board, and pins all in wrong place as well as hard drives upside down, now i fix it with new board bought from eBay and all is working again as it should be. small mini laptop had fan issues brought to me yesterday for repair, successfully worked on and repaired. laptop had viruses on and I took them all of and cleaned up the system as well as carried out a few repairs also to it. pink sony Vaio laptop brought to a week ago due to fan damaged inside, also did a cleanup of her system files as well included in the final price. just a few pictures of my office for you to see. just a few pictures of my office for you to see. just a few pictures of my office for you to see. dell motherboard being taken apart and fitted with a new one bought from eBay a week a few days ago. ever the heard of the time-warp, well here is an old machine (dell), brought into me for a major dust and clean up and some extra ram adding to it for a client. dell Inspiron brought to me riddled with spyware, malware, and viruses, finished in just a few hours of cleaning and scanning. another dell latitude d630 from my client as they have a few, this one is having startup issues and my job is to fix it, look at the other picture of it complete. dell latitude d630 finished as you can see from photo. dell latitude being worked on as hard drive fail to boot or load up. Packard bell now complete after a few hours work and testing it out ready for sale. package bell in working order final pictures of it running windows 7 upgraded from xp and vista, 1gb ram added as extra to make 2gb, and 120gb hard drive installed to the laptop. Packard bell again in stage 1 of working but awaiting parts to replace the screen and wifi plastic bezel and the mouse track and plastic housing fitted all new from eBay. laptop Packard bell i bought for scrap due to overheating problems - since repaired it changed the lcd & wireless screen part and the mouse track and plastic housing fitted all new from eBay. clients samsung mini laptop again this time with a usb networked cd rom driver for use to install windows 7 and repair the password in the first place. clients samsung mini laptop that he had lost password to for windows yet i was able to unlock it and repair the keyboard with a new one off ebay. Clients Dell & another customers Acer laptop being worked on at the same time (I multi-task). Clients Dell laptop being given the work over and cleanup - also 1gb Ram installed to speed it up a little. Hp pavilion laptop being scanned for PUP software and malware on startup of system on laptop. Sony Vaio AR31s Notebook reinstalled Windows Vista, currently being installed. Same pc but now fully functioning and working and had added a usb/multi combo card reader inside as seen in white on the front part of this pc. Same pc only with it cleaned inside and dusted out, and processor had new thermal compound put on as it was dried out which was causing it to crash all the time. Same picture as before only this is what happens when a pc builds up dust and debris over years of use, you wouldn't treat your house or car like this so have it serviced regularly by me at Croydon Computer Medic. Another home pc brought into me last week that was overheating and not functioning properly. Cressey College Croydon, View of the school from this picture where i fixed there office pc as it wouldn't start up. Cressey College Croydon, fixed a pc problem in there office. Mooring's College for children, repaired laptop, and may be a big contract coming soon, watch this space. Dell Inspiron laptop undergoing a new screen, as old one was damaged. Dell Inspiron laptop repaired and just a few cosmetic issues to fix. Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop faulty collected from customer found that hard drive has bad clusters on drive therefore not starting up properly, backed up data, reinstalled windows 7 and transferred back to client good as new. 2 Pc's i am working on in my spare time with several hard drives being installed into 1 machine, and maximum ram installed etc. Dell Inspiron laptop undergoing memory tests to check for faults in the memory or ram modules on laptop. Steam & Press 339 London road croydon, carried out a full update and repair to there laptop as it was messed up and needed a cleanup, another satisfied customer again.(oh if you need dry cleaning done they are the best around here) crown & pepper pub/restaurant high street south croydon, assisted with cctv installation of a few hours with another resident engineer of the business. laptop screen about to be fitted to a dell laptop. toshiba laptop some screen can do this but then its beyond repair and i have to repair it with a new one, if yours if like this or not functioning the way it should bring it to me soon as. Lenovo laptop keyboard was faulty some buttons not working so ordered new one and installed and setup for client. windows xp being installed after viruses caused system to crash. CCTV Installed, configured & setup for client in a butchers shop in croydon, also built new office and painted along with cctv installation. sony Vaio laptop brought in recently, had many issues with spyware and adware software installed, uninstalled all and cleaned up the system ready for client to have back. diagnostic checking on a pc that customer brought in for repair. view of a laptop fan being clogged up after years of abuse, bring yours in now to me and i will clean it up and repair it back to life again. view of a laptop board after the keyboard has been taken apart, notice the stains this is what abuse laptops get over years and i can clean these up. view of a laptop about to be taken apart for cleaning and maintenance cleaning. another view of a laptop being stripped down to get to the fan and processor for cleaning and maintenance checks. View of what a laptop fan can do over a space of a year, causes laptops to crash, overheat or worse shutdown completely. picture of fan taken out of a laptop for cleaning and putting back again in use. picture of a laptop being dismantled & broke down for spares due to a fault on motherboard. another view of a fan from a laptop just about to be cleaned up. another view of a fan from a laptop just about to be cleaned up. what the motherboard of a laptop and the thermal compound does after a few years, causes overheating seriously. previous picture but this time with the fan taken away for deep cleaning to a like new state. picture of the entire motherboard on a laptop recently cleaned inside and out, probably the worst i have seen so far. laptop memory being upgraded to 4gb. close up inspection photo of when thermal paste has been applied and put back together on a laptop. another customer brought his laptop recently as he was having problems with overheating, took laptop apart and cleaned processor and put thermal heat resistant paste to solve the problem. hard drives taken out of a pc and upgraded with a newer one. dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop screen gone faulty, we can replace these for you very quickly. dell laptop having gone faulty on the screen we can replace these for you. Asus laptop screen been repaired with new screen and working nicely now. another Pc been tuned up and cleaned inside and outside. another Pc where i cleaned, dusted, checked the processor for overheating. upgrading another pc for a client with new memory upgrades. upgrading another pc for a client with new memory upgrades. upgrading a Viglen Pc with new memory and also dusted out the fans & processor. customer bought his laptop to me in August for repair as it was showing a mark on the screen as you can see in red circle from this picture. customer bought her laptop to me for repair as it was damaged as you can see from this picture. kairos community trust streatham common, here i carried out full pc upgrades to server, and all pc's and laptops, upgraded memory to speed up system performance also carry out tasks like disc cleanups, disk defragment and upgraded virus packages on all pc's & laptops. my second of the specsavers high street chain in croydon, Carried on-site & offsite cctv installation & maintenance upgrades & remote access logins for directors to access. specsavers church street croydon, carried on-site & offsite cctv installation & maintenance upgrades & remote access logins for directors to access. | | t: 020 8251 7872 | m: 0797 096 5662 | Video :Croydon Computer Medic

Croydon Computer Medic 2012 | Office Located: 1A Pemdevon Road, West Croydon, Surrey, CR0 3QQ.

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